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The Audi Gods have frowned upon me.

	The one day this whole winter I could have used the Quattro, and it
fails me!! 

	Monday, we get let out of work at 4pm, to try and beat the brunt of the
blizzard that nailed the northeast. I only have about a 1/8 of a tank of
gas, so I head over to the gas station to fill up. 

	Once I fill up, I start the car and the Parking Brake, Battery, and ABS
warning lights stay lit, even thought he parking brake is off.  If I put
on the parking brake, the light gets brighter.  After a few seconds of
revving the engine, the battery waring light comes on on the computer
display.   SHIT!  I pull up channel 11 on the climet control, 11volts,
10volts, and just keeps dropping.  Finaly the car stalls.

	Call AAA, who come out after about an hour.  The monkey boy tries to
jump the car, it starts, but as soon as the cable are pulled, the car
stalls.  The same three warning lights stay on.  

	I wait another 2 hours for a flatbed, and have the car towed home, in
the middle of the blizzard. talk about embaressing.

	I spend Tuesday, looking out at the snow, just wanting to go play, but
the car is dead.  I am assuming that that Alternator died, but it
happened really quickly, and all of a sudden.  Has anyone experienced
this?  Anyone else had those three warning lights come on like that?  I
need to wait for it to warm up a bit, and to clear the 36" of snow out
of the driveway so I can take a look at it, but I wanted to see if
anyone else has experienced this.

	This really sucks.  I had to get a ride into work with my roommate in
her Subaru this morning, how embaressing!

Paul Luevano						'97 CBR 1100XX
prl@ptc.com						'94 CBR 600F2
Waltham, MA USA						'87 5KCSTQ
________"Man's purpose is to live, not to exist."-Jack London_________