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Re: audi coupe to quattro

Phil Payne writes:
>> IS it posible to convert an audi GT coupe to a quattro??
>Theoretically, yes.  Although the floorpan is nominally the same, they have 
>different part numbers.  Most of the body parts (fenders, doors, etc.) are 
>different in one way or another.  You also have to replace the engine, 
>electrics, electronics (the full book of ur-quattro wiring diagrams is four 
>inches thick), and _all_ of the running gear. And the quattro transmission is 
>expensive. Given a wrecked ur-quattro and a Coupe, it's easier to repair 
>the ur-quattro using the Coupe parts.

Is this really possible?  Based on my (admittedly limited) experience with
the 4Kq, the Coupe does not have the under-body room to accept the quattro
drivetrain.  The 4Kq seemed to have less footroom in the front footwells and
a bigger "hump" to accept the driveshaft and larger transmission.  Also,
I would imagine installing the rear differential and independent suspension
would require serious amounts of cutting, rework, and $$moolah$$$.

Of course, I am thinking more along the lines of swapping in the 4Kq
drivetrain and rear suspension than the entire engine and drivetrain of
an urquattro.  Pretty much the same thing as the Coupe quattro (non-turbo) 
that our European counterparts are privy to.

So, I defer to our esteemed Mr. Payne here, as I have never climbed under
an urquattro to look at it, much less OWN both an urquattro AND a Coupe.  :)

'85 Coupe GT, now it wants to be a quattro....thanks a lot...
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