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Re: audi coupe to quattro

Fluhr wrote:

> Is this really possible?  Based on my (admittedly limited) experience with
> the 4Kq, the Coupe does not have the under-body room to accept the quattro
> drivetrain.  

I did some initial measuring one time and determined that it would take
minimal mods to the floorpan to clear a quattro drivetrain, however
(MAJOR caveat!), you'd have to find a new route for the exhaust pipe. 
So unless you're build a race car where a side-exiting pipe is legal,
you'd now have other problems to contend with.

> The 4Kq seemed to have less footroom in the front footwells and
> a bigger "hump" to accept the driveshaft and larger transmission.  Also,
> I would imagine installing the rear differential and independent suspension
> would require serious amounts of cutting, rework, and $$moolah$$$.

This is also true.  I will at this point defer to the esteemed Mr.
Candey who is _intimately_ more familiar with the differences in floor
pans.  <grin>

> Of course, I am thinking more along the lines of swapping in the 4Kq
> drivetrain and rear suspension than the entire engine and drivetrain of
> an urquattro.  Pretty much the same thing as the Coupe quattro (non-turbo)
> that our European counterparts are privy to.

This would entail some significant cutting in the rear to find the
members to bolt the subframe to and clear the differential.  I think I
also figured that the gas tank would be in the way, and you would have
to swap in the more upright tank out of a 4kq for everything to fit

Disclaimer:  I haven't looked at this swap for over a year now, and I'm
doing this all from memory.  (I haven't even finished my first cup of
coffee yet!)

> '85 Coupe GT, now it wants to be a quattro....thanks a lot...

Gary Erickson
'85 CGT, quite content to be FWD.....plays with the quattros in the

Gary G. Erickson         Member #82 NW Quattro Club
503-702-5789                  erickson@teleport.com