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Re: Loss of power in my '92 100 CSQ

Doug Rudoff wrote:
> For the second time in the year I've owned my '92 100 CSQ (with
> automatic) it has been suffering from power loss problems. Usually it's
> from a cold start - maybe thirty seconds after starting and driving off
> it loses all power for a few seconds. It has never stalled. Sometimes it
> happens from a warm start after the car has been sitting for an hour or
> so. The idle is a little rough. This time it's also losing power when
> driving along, although not as bad as it does when it first starts up.
> I've seen the check engine go on once for only a few seconds when the
> problem reappeared a few weeks ago.
> Last year I took it to a shop that did these things: change the spark
> plugs, change the fuel filter, made sure the engine block was properly
> grounded. The car ran somewhat better after that, but it didn't cure it.
> However, after a few weeks the problem went away on its own.
> Both time this problem appeared, it was almost immediately after doing
> track driving. Any idea how that could cause this problem?
> I've ran a few tanks of gas with Autobahn brand gas additive, hoping the
> problem is some carbon deposits that need to be gotten rid of. It hasn't
> seemed to help.
> I've been told I may want to soak my cold start valve in carb cleaner to
> get rid of carbon deposits. Also, changing my spark plug wires.
> Has anyone else have similar problems with the Audi V6? And ideas on how
> to fix it? I haven't taken it to a shop yet, but will if it doesn't fix
> itself this time.
> Thanks
> Doug Rudoff      Ark Interface II, Inc     Seattle, WA
> DougR@arkspace.com
> http://www.arkspace.com
> http://www.planetoasis.com
It may be that your battery is about ready to go.  I remember this
happening on my Coupe and eventually the battery failed on me.  Once I
replaced the battery all my problems went away.  

My $.02.
Rick H. Louie