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CGT--New Front end!! Yay!

Well, for everyone who has endured my "shaking, shuddering Coupe"
signature line for the last two weeks, 'tis no more!

New control arms & bushings, new tie rods & ends, new ball joints, new
outer sway bar bushings.  The car doesn't get aligned until tomorrow
morning, and already it's a dream to drive.  

The shudder-on-brake and on-decelleration is GONE.  Front is still a
_little_ loud, so I'll be checking strut bearings.  

And aarts car coming next week, Audi Gods willing, YAHOOOOOOOO!

However, exhaust is starting to show (and sound) it's age.  If I change
it, I definitely don't want to do stock.  The suggestion box is
definitely open if any of you have put aftermarket exhaust on an 86
CGT...I am in it for the performance, but a good exhaust note and
longevity doesn't hurt either. 

Jonathan Monetti
A crisp-handling, pavement-eating 86 Coupe GT