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My A41.8 is here!

First, let my give you all a brief history on how I came to order a new A4.
I was in need of a daily driver.  After trying to use a 911 for the past two
years, I have finally accepted the fact that as great a car as the 911 is, in
rain or snow they leave more than a little to be desired.  So I thought that
a new jeep would fit the bill.  You know the top comes off in the summer.
Four wheel drive in the winter.  And they are cheap.  As it turns out they
are not cheap.  A sport model with a few options quickly topped out at over
twenty grand.  And they are not as much fun as I had remembered. So off I
went to visit my friend, who happens to own the local Porsche Audi store in
town.  I loved the A41.8Q.  I asked him to get me one with the sport option
and little else. Remember this is supposed to be cheap transportation.  So
 weeks have passed.  My wife had not driven one yet, so we went to let her
test drive one. As we walk in I see a black on black 1.8 quattro and I say to
Lisa "this is just what I ordered except this one is loaded"  . You can guess
the rest.  Yep, my pal my buddy figured I really did not want it stripped. So
he went and got me one loaded to the gills. Sport,roof,winter package,trip
computer, Keyless ( I know it comes with the roof ) entry.  The only thing it
does not have is the Bose sound system.  So needless to say I am like a kid
in the candy store!  i just wanted to share my joy with some people that
understand, that even though we may grow older we never have to grow up.
Happy motoring all,
Bald Bill
Porsche, Audi A41.8Q and VW owner and nut