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viscous CD "better" for spirited driving???

Mike wrote:

>>. For spirited driving visco in the center and LSD front and 
rear is better than what Audi has<<

(a) how so?  that's an unsubstantiated assertion .  Please add
some value, not just your opinion.

(b) I disagree anyway.  A viscous diff generally does not engage until slippage 
By then, the "damage is done" and you must recover grip, which is harder than 
maintaining it
in the first place.  An open diff, like Audi's, initiates torque split at 
50/50, which reduces the chance
of a drive-vector induced slip (cornering is a separate vector that adds to 
your drive force).

By this logic, most viscous systems are inferior for adding to dry road 
roadholding, balance, etc.