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Re: (Was) RE: S4 costs (Is) Dunlop D60

	I had 1 blow and 2 that were ruined by picking up a nail in the 
tread, but basically were ruined between the time I noticed the 
"tickticktick" and got pulled over.  So, never one to buy a road hazard 
warranty, I have bought 7 to have 4.  Probably not a tire problem, but, I 
will blame it on the tire anyway:)  D40's are probably next, although I 
can get a *pretty* good deal on some Pilots.


On Wed, 2 Apr 1997 MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> In a note dated 4/1/97 you write:
> <<(6)  Tires = Dunlop D60A2's---would not buy these tires again.>>
> Can you please elaborate? I keep seeing this tire being highly reccomended on
> this here list, yet have had bad experiences with Dunlop (OE Audi versions)
> tires too. I don't want to start a "my favorite brand" thread...just
> searching for your perceptions and why you "would not buy these tires again"
> TIA.
> Mike Veglia
> 85 4ksq