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Re: Coupe GT owners: mirror question

> On the passenger side, are your mirrors those kind that make objects 
> smaller than they really are (forgot fancy latin term for this).

> Mine is a regular mirror that makes it a pain when checking before 
> changing lanes.  I never realized how much better a view you got with 
> those special mirrors.
> I have a sneaking suspicion that the previous owner replaced that 
> type of mirror with a regular one, but I don't want to order a new 
> one without checking.
... I doubt it ... I have two Audis of similar vintage, and both came with
flat mirrors.  I think the convex mirrors are more popular with the US (&
perhaps Asian) marques.  Personally, I prefer not having to think about the 
fact that objects may be closer than they appear!

I have seen additional convex mirrors that can be added to your mirror ...
perhaps my favorite is one that actually mounts inside the car at the 
edge of the dash.  Now that I think about it this mirror is more for use 
in checking rearward on the driver's side ... doubt it would be applicable
on the passenger's side.

I make it a point to clear my blind spots by checking over the shoulder 
before making lane changes ... perhaps this is due to the fact that I ride 
motorcycles as well, and experience firsthand people who do not check them ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)