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Re: '87 5K CS TQ CHECK ENGINE light?!?!?!

This is a followup on my Intake air temp sensor fault code problem. 
While exploring
the engine compartment, I discovered the crankcase vent hose, and the
tee hose tying 
crank case vent hose to the vent hose from the valve cover to the air
intake were
cracked, mushy, holey, and generally rotten.  This was allowing air
leaks and was
causing some idle irregularity.  I replaced the hoses, and Voile, the
intake air temp
sensor fault code has disappeared!!

Does this make sense to you technoids out there?


Jim wrote:
> you were right on with the distributer.  Still trying
> to find a wire break in the air temp sensor.
> Orin Eman wrote:

> > > 2322  Intake air temperature sensor:   Defective sensor or open circuit
> > > in wiring to sensor