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RE: 325ix vs. Quattro

At 02:52 PM 4/2/97 -0800, you wrote:

>As far as the Carrera 4 and Turbo go, I don't know if you remember Jeff
>Zwart, who ran the Open Class in SCCA for a couple of years, about two
>years ago.  He was the only one that had a car that was more than
>capable of beating Choinere's S2, and did several times.  The Carrera 4
>was bone stock - just a roll cage and some other safety equipment, and
>that was it.
>The Turbo, which Zwart set new records with in the Showroom stock class
>at Pikes Peak, has won three years in a row ('94, '95, '96),
>obliterating the competition.  This car was absolutely stock as well,
>with just a roll-cage, and some other safety equipment.
>You're welcome to check this out for yourself, as none of this
>information is exactly top secret.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Zwart when I bought my 90q20v from him.
His domination of Pikes Peak is certainly no secret, Bridgestone(I think)
used his car in their two page ads not too long ago.

Honestly though, I don't know how impressed he was with the quattro system.
His replacement car is a 850 turbo wagon, which he is having tuned by IPD.

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