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Re: New Coupe Q

I'm not too crazy about the looks of the CJ.  It looks like a bloated
Honda Civic coupe.  A new coupe quattro would be great though.


On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Raphael Avila wrote:

> Hello Q-listers-
> I now there have been numerous attempts to persuade AOA to create a new
> coupe for the marketplace.  Well I do believe that we will be getting one.
> It is purely conjecture on my part but that new VW concept car the CJ coupe
> (really quiet fetching!) in all the car mags has Coupe Quattro written all
> over it.  I believe it is even built on a shortened A4 floor plan.  A little
> cosmetic surgery to the front end and Viola, new CQ.  Anyone with me on this
> one?
> Riff out.
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