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Fwd: Even More stuff (ix vs quattro)

this is from a friend, the one whoe i have been arguing with about the 
quatrro and ix thing.  Here is the latest one...any responses and help 
would be helpful.  Quattro will conquer!

  i still tend to disagree about the fact that have locked differentials
is better.  none of the cars today use this system of the pre 89 audi's.
I know that having locked differntials is bad for the automobile.  I
discovered this by reading the manual for my Explorer.  When both wheels
are spinning at the same speed on a straightaway, it is better; but around
turns, a tremendous amount of wear is encountered by the differebtials and
ultimately the drivetrain.  Whem a car corners, the wheels will naturally
spin at different speeds due to physics.  In the quattro system, no slip
is allowed to occur, causing opposing forces on the differential.  The
great thing about limited slip and the viscous, is that it permits
differentiated wheel spin on the axises, which results in much less wear
and a prolonged component life.  Regardless of what kind of traction
control system you have, you are fucked if both wheels lose traction[ex.
ice], there is no recovery.  if for example the rear right wheel spins on
the ix, the viscous heats up and locks causing a smooth accelaration over
the slick right side.  In the same situation with the quattro, there can
be advantages and disadvantages depending on the velocity of the vehicle
when the slipping occurs.  At higher speeds, the quattro is king because
the differental keeps the right wheel rotating at the same velocity as the
left, which is sticking to the pavement.  On the other hand, in low speed,
accelartion, when the weight is transfered to the rear of the car,
slippage can cause damage and wear to the differential by creating
extremely varying torque forces from each axis.  It is also know in these
situations that the right wheel will slip so heavily that it can cause
slippage in the left wheel due to it's extreme rotaional velocity.  I hate
to trash all your friends on the quattro list, but they were wrong by
saying the quattro was more advanced than the x system.  AWD is far more
advanced and in many peoples opinions better than 4WD.

Mike Robinson

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT