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unintended acceleration sources

alright everyone.  I need the list's collective resources once again to 
fend off my stubborn friends...My friend seems to not believe the fact 
that the drivers were responsible for the unintended acceleration as he 
doesnt understand how they could mistake the gas pedal for the brake 
pedal.  He also says that its funny that everyone went after Audi about 
this and he feels that it is either true, or everyone is out to get audi. 
 I KNOW that the whole thing is utter bullshit, but he doesnt believe the 
five different sources that i got from the internet, the government 
testing agencies or anything.  I need anyone who has information to tell 
me, or even better would be internet pages on the phenominon.   I also 
need to find other instances and specific cases of this for not only Audi 
but for other manufacturers as well.  If i cna get them for BMW then that 
would be great.  Thanks in advance everyone...i really need to educate my 
friends about this...

Also, i came across a  couple of other things with my friend.  On one of 
the pages it stated that in 1995 the government called the A6 the safest 
car in america based on their tests, well, since it was placed above 
bimmer, my friend didnt believe them.  Also i came across a JD Power and 
Assoc.  blurb abou tthe Audi tying for seventh for reliability with BMW, 
Honda and Toyota.  Well, guess what, he didnt believe them either.  
Apparently JD Power isnt a good enough agency to report from.  

oh well, any help that you guys can give me is much appreciated...and 
also what are some web pages that will have nfo on the Quattro and iX systems???

Thanks again,

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT