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Re: 325ix vs. Quattro

The kept building the cavalier becaus the sold 'em, lots of 'em and GM made
money on the car

Neither the 325ix or the 300 4 matic sold well US or europe. In fact between
BMW and MB one would think it doesn't snow in the fatherland. 

At Autohaus we sell app 150 Audis a year, with a high percentage of them
being quattros. We have yet to have to experience a failure in the AWD system
(unless someone let a unit run dry of oil). Even with the older vac operated
sysem the only problems were vac hoses , lights, vac reservoirs, etc. The
Torsens are even less problems. 
I tell my customers that although the Q's were built for performance it's a
nice bonus to be able to drive up to Bolton Valley with a foot of snow on the
groud and not worry about it.

ps Please don't get me started on whether or not it snows in Sweden.