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Re: ur-q clutch

     I hope you'll still be loving your car after you've completed the 
     clutch replacement. I think clutch replacement is one of the longest 
     hourly labour charges for any ur-q shop work...
     My advice would be to give yourself two days (long days) and follow 
     the Bentley. You will need an engine hoist (cherry picker) to support 
     the engine and tranny after you drop the subframe. DO NOT try and 
     separate the engine from the tranny in situ, because it doesn't matter 
     how many parts you remove there is NO way to separate the engine from 
     the tranny in the engine bay. I spent many hours trying to prove Mr 
     Bentley wrong on this one and have the emmotional scars to prove it!
     All the best, and if you get a chance post a report on the process to 
     the list.
     If you have specific questions please feel free to email me I have all 
     the diassembled parts in my garage at the moment. I'd also look at the 
     following when you're in there:-
     Replace Clutch slave cylinder
     Check Exhaust Manifold studs (time to fix that ticking sound you 
     always wanted to)
     Check Engine and tranny mounts (good time to do the turbo side mounts 
     if they've not been done recently)
     Replace Heat shields attached to the oil filter mount.
     New Air Filter!
     New front subframe mounts
     Regards, Mike
     .... and remember in the time of your daekest hour, that removing the 
     engine and tranny makes it really easy to change the oil filters...