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        Before you strip out the alternator you may want to check the 
     contact brushes in the alternator.  They remove from the back of the 
     alternator with two screws. In my experience two things generally 
     happen, One of the spring loaded contacts is stuck in place and not 
     making contact in which case a little WD40 will return the spring 
     force and you can replace the brush assembly and keep driving.  Or the 
     brushes are worn to the point where they don't contact the armature.  
     A new set of contact brushes is probably 1/10 the price of a rebuilt 
     Bosch alternator.  I have sent two Audi's to the junkyard with over 
     200,000 miles on them with the original alternators and their fifth or 
     sixth set of contact brushes.  I did however replace an alternator on 
     my current '87 5000Q last year.  My understanding is that the voltage 
     requlator circuitry is built into the alternator and this failed.  
     When this happened the alternator produced no voltage whereas worn 
     brushes will generaly(but not always) produce some voltage.  I got a 
     rebuilt Bosch unit from Import Auto Parts in Worcester for arround 
     $200.  They also sell Lucas units for about $50 less but as an owner 
     of a Triumph motorcycle with Lucas electricals I opted for the Bosch.  
     Good Luck.
     Pat Kelly
     '87 5000Q
     '78 Triumph Bonneville 750