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D&W Catalog for $20.00 U.S.- Yippee!!

>From: Jim Griffin <JGriff@pobox.com>
>Okay, here's the story: I contacted Ron's Parts Inc. to inquire about our
>getting a volume discount/rate on the D&W catalog, and he (I assume Ron...)
>agreed that he would sell them to "us" for $20.00 apiece!! At that price, it
>is a steal!! (They had them originally listed at $40.00, and now they have
>them marked down to $30.00 in their recent advertisments.)

>P.S. For those wondering what this catalog is all about, check out the ads
>in European car for Ron's Parts, Inc. It is a 800+ page catalog of "goodies"
>for European make autos....

Great.  My question is: Can we -order- from this catalog, or is it merely to
add grist to our dream mills?