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Re: how to catch BMW

Have to agree with Phil.

Every time I've been driving on the Autubahn in the vicinity of Stuttgart,
it's always been a BMW 5er that's gotten in my way.  No, never an M5, but
then again I don't know that I've ever seen more than one of those on the
'bahn.  They just aren't that common.  The vast majority of cars on the
road are capable, simple cars (much like you'll find here -- in spirit).
The very fast cars are not too common (again, like here).

Two times stick out in my mind.
1st time I was driving a "Tuned" 90Q 20V at about 200-210kph and got stuck
behind a 525 (?).  2nd time, same situation, same speed, car was a regular
VR6 GTi -- again, a pale blue small engined 5er.  Same guy?  Don't know.
Next time I'll pay more attention to him when I finally do get past him.

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