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RE: D60a2...

Sure you haven't confused the D60M2 (which, in my ignorance, I've never
heard of) with the D40M2? D40M2 is a dry, hi po tire, the D60A2 isn't.
-Ian Duff.
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>Hi folks,
>   Does anybody know if there was difference between the D60M2s and the
>Seeing that many people (but not all) had bad experiences the A2s, while I
>a wonderful experience with the M2s, makes me wonder. I also wonder why they
>changed the name or discontinued the tire? 
>    I had a set of D60m2s on my 85 Mr2, and although they didn't give much
>mileage, they stuck to the road very well. I think I only got around 11K
>out of them. After that, I swung the other way and went to el-cheapos on the
>MR2.. Won't do that again.
>    I imagine that on a heavier car (all Audis), the tire wear must be
>tremendous on the soft Dunlops. For those folks out there with the D40 M2s..
>what kind of mileage have you been getting?
>    In the future sometime, I had planned to make the switch to the D40s for
>both cars.
>                               -Osman Parvez
>                                89 200q (157K miles)
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