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RE: Audi doesn't respod

I would guess that this was written by someone for whom English is not
their native language. If so, isn't it cool that they 1) tried to
translate for us (translation technology hasn't yet overcome our
Anglo-centric arrogance), and 2) posted to the qlist (truly an
international venue, we now have buscribers for whom English is a
foreign language as well)? The guy's got a problem with his automatic
transmission, and Audi's no help. Seems like AoA is not the only cause
for pulling your hair out. Even better, he'll share results from
screaming at his importer, so we all will increase our knowledge base of
Audi procedures. Let's say he is successful in his pissing contest.
Picture this: "Whaddya mean Audi of America won't cover the repair? Audi
of Spain covered repairing the same problem completely!" Might get some
attention from the powers that be, now, mightn't it?
-Ian Duff.
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><< Audi in Germany I have referred to the importer from Spain in order to
>solve the
> topic of the  automatic gear box  of the Audi 100.
> I have not been assisted for the importer upon being fulfilled the guarantee
> the vehicle. Don't they recognize that could failure of design exist? 
>  In Audi will be normal throw a car with six years of use.  This reasoning
> not proportional to the price of the car.
>  The box of changes will be analyzed for engineers in order to discover the
> failure.  I will remit them the results of the analysis. 
> Thank you
>  >>
>Hey man, you wanna run that by me again??   Wha???  Without the booze this
>damn, I love this country