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Re: Pikes Peak Gathering

>   I spoke with the nice people at the Hillclimb offices and they seemed
> pretty excitied that we were interested in making a good showing. 

... and thanks to you Ben for talking to them for us!

It sounds like we aren't going to have to put *any* lamps in the church 
tower as the British invasion is not to be ... I was really hoping that
they would be able to attend!  

So far I've only gotten four responses to my request for people who are
at least interested in attending and doing a convoy from the northern 
left coast ... and a couple of those are maybes.  I can provide a list 
to you if you'd like.  I will be going, but it seems that the rest of 
the family will be staying at home :(  Perhaps I can get a brother or 
B-I-L to tag along ...

I posted this to the whole list so that I could state once again that 
if there are people who are interested in joining a convoy from some-
where in central & northern CA or southern OR to Pikes Peak to let me 
know from whence you will be coming and about how much time you will 
have to spend on the travel ...

And since I've gotten your ears ... another reminder that there is an 
autocross scheduled to be held 12 April at 3-COM [AKA Candlestick] Park
in San Francisco.  People who'd like to participate can do so for $20 
and I was thinking that we might want to do something in the afternoon 
after the event is over.  It still isn't clear whether or not I'll be
able to take a steed from my stable :) to participate ... feel free to
contact me for more information, suggestions of places we could go 
afterward (I was thinking Princeton by the Sea via Devil's Slide) 
[QSHIPQ ... this is the road we took when we met @ SFO] ... or simply
to let me know whether or not you'll be able to be there!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'78 Audi Fox GTI (4+5) - soon to be leaving the fold after almost 20 years!
'83 Audi quattro turbo coupe (reasonably stock)
'85 Audi 4kCSQ (needs clutch, but otherwise gorgeous!)
'87 Audi 5kCSQ (with 4.11 front and 3.89 rear diff)
'88 Audi 5kCSQ Avant (w/QLCC mod)
'92 BMW k1 (K1DRBAR)