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RE: Audi doesn't respod

 Turbo2s@aol.com writes:

 >Hey man, you wanna run that by me again??   Wha???  Without the booze this
 >damn, I love this country
   It doesn't take much to figure out what this person means. I suggest
   writing him back in Espanol and see what he makes of your message.
   Consider your Mensa card revoked.

 > Audi in Germany I have referred to the importer from Spain in order to
 > solve the topic of the  automatic gear box  of the Audi 100.
 > I have not been assisted for the importer upon being fulfilled the
 > guarantee of the vehicle. Don't they recognize that could failure
 > of design exist?

   Translation: The Audi Authorized dealer has informed me that I'm
   sh*t out of luck it I think they're going to fix my car. I called
   Audi in Germany and they told me it's the Dealers problem. The
   ole run around, same story wherever you reside.

 >  In Audi will be normal throw a car with six years of use.  This
 >  reasoning is not proportional to the price of the car.

    Audi says the car is out of warranty, can't do anything. I expect
    this from a SEAT or FIAT, but from a very expensive car like this,
    I think I'm being reasonable in expecting a transmission to last
    longer than six years.  Kinda like the V8Q problems with the
    valve body's in the trannies...is it reasonable for a $50-$60 thousand
    US dollar car to have such a problematic tranny?

 >  The box of changes will be analyzed for engineers in order to discover
 >  the failure.  I will remit them the results of the analysis. 

    This is definitly extra credit......
    The "box of changes" might be the transmission itself (caja de cambio)
    or the fault codes. Either way it's nice of this guy to share the
    info with those who will/have experienced the same problems.

 > Thank you


   Note: I don't necessarily agree/disagree with anything in the
         post. Just tellin it like I see it.

   Um abraco,


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