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Re: If NOt D60s, Than What?

>Tires do not need to be all season--I intend to buy 4 snows next 
>winter--probably won't spend the $$$$ on Hakkias, but 4 snow tires 

>Also thought about doing a +1 sizing and going to 16" wheels with 
>205/50/16 rubber.  Anyone done that?  Suggesitons, recommendations.  I 
>know the car does not have the power to make use of 16" rubber, but I 
>always thought the prime directive was to be cool at all times.

Well, if you're gonna go for two sets, it would be in your best interest 
to get a proper, competent summer tire. I have good experience with
several sets of Expedia S-01s. There are people who also liked the newer
Potenza S-02. Hellishly expensive, but they're good.

There were also posts of good words on the D40M2 and P7000. The RE71 is of
older design, but nothing wrong with it especially if you can get good
price on it. I couldn't recall much endorcement on SP8000, seems like
most people prefer D40M2. Anyone here using P-Zeros??

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