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Satch Carlson,
Thanks for the time that you took to reply on the iX/ Quattra thread. I 
for one enjoyed your informative and witty missive immensely!
I, like many others on the different boards I read, just love motorized 
transportation PERIOD!
I have driven an amazing amount of cars (as well as racing motorcyles, 
dragging street modifieds and flying an interesting assortment of 
aircraft) in my 50 years on this planet. None of which offered me any 
negative experiences just learning. Its all very subjective,  sort of 
like being a beer drinker! You have your favourite brand(s) but, being 
thirsty, adventurous and open minded, will try and, hopefully, learn 
about and appreciate anything!

Nothing is "better" in the unsubjective sense, only different! A case 
in point is that I currently have an 96 A4q 2.8 and a highly modified 
88 Toyota Mk3 Supra Turbo (350hp and 175mph) and I appreciate both cars 
in their own differing ways and enjoy driving both. Why do people feel 
that it is necessary to show that one's own tastes in anything reflect 
well against the "bad" or "illinformed" taste of others? I see this on 
other boards also and it seems pervasive in, especially U.S., society 
in general. Sad commentary.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder except to those that are blind".

Sorry to all if I am waxing a little to philosophically.........

Happy and safe driving.