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Re: Russian fat cats

gene <gene@insti.physics.sunysb.edu> wrote:

>It's funny that Reuters story had the luxury cars mentioned in the
>following non-trivial order: MB, Audi, BMW.

>Not sure about Russian politicians, but self-respecting mobsters in
>Moscow drive only MB 600SL. :-)  Those who don't want to attract
>attention drive a performance version on the enfamous Volga sedan:
>it's indistinguishable from the outside, but has a turbo V8 instead
>of the old wimpy 98hp 4L.  Let's wait for 4wd V8 Russian sleepers

Had the same story here. The 'fast' Volga had a Rover turbo engine, and if
I recall correctly, in total about 75% imported parts- that's supporting
local industry for you! The Dutch news report asked some Russians for their
opinion of Volgas- they all thought it cr*p. One said that you have to
throw them away after three years- illustrated with a new-looking Volga
with rust holes in it.
Apparently, Jeltsin's own long wheelbase MB S-class will be sold to the
highest bidder (probably a criminal if the news from Russia has any truth
in it)

I noticed the amount of Audis in the report as well- you see lots of used
Audis being exported from Holland by Russian and Polish traders, running
around with export plates. A couple of them even wanted to buy my car
sometime ago (but not for a good price :-( ). And a TV show hosted by an
ex-criminal here recently showed how lots of Audis and MBs that were stolen
in the Benelux and Germany end up in Poland and Russia as well. Mmmm...
perhaps I'd better get an alarm for my car.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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