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Re: S6 Wagon for sale!!!!!!

You know, I'm not sure how kosher this is, but anyone with 'net access can
do this: I used a reverse phone number search and came up with:

George Lantz
232 Powder Mill Rd. Concord, MA

so it looks like a private sale. Geez, I hope I didn't just start a huge
thread with this...

Sean Ford
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA  02162 (USA)
'92 Audi 100CS 5spd  18K miles (and counting!)
'89 Suzuki Katana 600 14K miles (and hibernating)

> From: Chris Palmer <cpalmer@dingo.webo.dg.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: S6 Wagon for sale!!!!!!
> Date: Friday, April 04, 1997 9:14 AM
> No, not mine.
> But in Wednesday's Boston Globe was:
> AUDI '95 S6 Wagon! 5spd/turbo/quattro. 19K mi., mint.
> $41000, Black/gray. (508)287-4479
> Don't know if it's private or dealer. This is the first used
> S6 Wagon I have seen advertised around here. The two or three
> used S6 sedans all went within a couple of days, so if you're
> interested move fast.
> regards,
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