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V6 60K Service

     >>My '92 100CSQ (with the power loss problem) will be hitting 60k 
     >>miles soon. The dealer quoted me $600 for the 60k service, which 
     >>does not include new oxygen sensors nor a timing belt change. I was 
     >>told by them they recommend changing the belt at 100k miles. 
     Both of my V6's are rapidly approaching the 60K mark so I'm very 
     interested in this.
     >$600 sounds like a lot of money, if they don't replace the OXY and 
     >timing belt.  Actually, the maintenance manual doesn't say when to 
     >replace the timing belt or OXY.  60K service consists of:
     >change oil and filter.
     >replace air cleaner and spark plugs. 
     >check exhaust.  Check for misc leaks.  Read diag codes. 
     >change brake fluid every 2 years.  Since it probably has never been 
     >done, probably not a bad idea.
     $600 for little more than what passes for a tune-up these days?
     >Replacing the timing belt on a V6 100 isn't that hard.  I'm not a 
     >trained mechanic and I can do it in around an hour.  Of course the 
     >first time I did it, it took longer, but now I know the tricks.  
     And those would be?
     I'm starting to look at this as an opportunity to justify spending the 
     $264 for the now available Bentley.  That only works out to a little 
     over 4 hours of dealer labor.
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW (59K miles)
     92 100 S (58K miles)