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'91 200q not reaching full boost

In message <970404141650_1519303703@emout02.mail.aol.com> C1J1Miller@aol.com writes:

> Can't seem to get to full boost (1.8) in my '91 200q (20v).  The boost guage
> (in the 
> computer) only reads 1.6, or occasionally 1.7.

a) You should read what the German microfiche says about the built-in boost
   gauge!  Beg, borrow or buy a test gauge and do the recommended test.

b) Standard advice - pull the turbo to intercooler hose at the intercooler 
   end and feel inside the intercooler.  It's unlikely that you'll find 
   anything - but it's a cheap check to do and the downside potential of
   missing fraying impellor blades is $$$$$.

> The hose running around the back of the engine (crankcase breather hose?) is
> soft; could this be causing the problem?  It doesn't seem to be cracked, just
> "squishy".

Pull the breather from the air mass sensor, plug both ends, and test drive the 
> Also, when starting the car, it cranks for several seconds longer than
> expected before starting, and surges up and down one mark on the tachometer;
> is this normal?


 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club