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Re: D&W Catalog for $20.00 U.S.- Yippee!!

> The problem will be how much will it cost to ship overseas.  As an
> example Jim and I both inquired about getting the '97 D&W catalog on
> their web page.  The letter we received as a response stated the catalog
> was 12.17 DM (~$7), however, shipping was a whopping 55.00 DM (~$33).

Hmm.  According to <http://www.dw-online.de/english/katalog.htm>:

    Economy parcel Europe     12,--DM + catalogue 14,--DM
    Economy parcel World      15,--DM + catalogue 14,--DM
    Premium Airfreight Europe 20,--DM + catalogue 14,--DM
    Premium Airfreight World  46,--DM + catalogue 14,--DM

<http://www.xe.net/currency/table.htm> says 1 DEM = US$0.669 so that'd
be $19.40 for economy delivery and $40.14 for premium delivery.  But
that's for the **1997** catalog.

> Most often companies tend to ship via Air Mail, hence the high costs,
> because most people don't want to wait the 8-10 weeks that surface
> transportation would take.  I recently inquired about ordering some
> European headlights from a company in England.  The shipping costs would
> have been $100.  That's a tough pill to swallow (though I'll probably
> end up doing it anyway).

I ran into that when I was thinking about getting Car magazine -- it's
printed in the UK so a year's US subscription is $115.  I guess I will
keep getting single copies even at $7 each.
['86 Coupe GT]