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Re: Timing belt. To change, or not to change...?

At 08:17 PM 4/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	I listened to a tip from a race mechanic years ago [no, nothing 
>to do with an Audi:)] and that tip was to change rubber parts at regular 
>intervals--even if on visual inspection things appear to be fine.
>	On the timing belt, I have heard similar advice [it never needs 
>changed...] on different cars, but I have to ask myself why?  At best, it 
>will last until it breaks.  Then what.  Even on non-interference motors, 
>do the right thing---it really is not that expensive.  Remember Mr. 
>Murphy, he rides with all of us.  The day that you absolutely positively 
>must have the car, that is when the timing belt, radiator hose, etc., 
>will decide they have had enough.  Just a little advice from someone who 
>knows Mr. Murphy all too well.
>	Bruce
>agreeIchanged mine on my200 at 80k, and while it
wasent tattered, it was well worn.  also the h20
pump o-ring was leaking a bit so I replaced it as well.  Dealer wanted $605
for the job'
parts (good quality german) came to $73.
Ive done this job on my 82 coupe, and this was
somewhat more difficult - particularly removing the cam gear bolt.  mike
posner .posne@ cts.com