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Re: Brian's problem with Liberty Mutual

       Well, finally heard back from Liberty Mutual.  They have told me that
they have decided that none of the damage to my car is related to my
accident. PFFFFTTT!  I guess that the only good thing about that is that they
have, in recent arguements and hopefully on paper somewhere, admitted that
the damage was related, but now they  retract their statements.  The Audi
dealer has told me that as of today they will be charging me storage, LUVLY,
for keeping my car at their dealership while its in litigation.  I cant bring
the car home for several reasons.  For one, it wont hold oil, and two, no
alternator belt, three, I couldnt pay the $$$$$ that they are asking
currently just for diagnostics.  So I guess they will have a mechanics lein
on my car until this whole pieca shi# is finished.           
       Needless to say, no more Mr. Nice Guy.  I most certainly will be
taking Monday off of work.  I will be getting a private appraiser to evaluate
the car as well as making an appointment to see the Audi Zone Manager. I will
be taking my ruler and my camera to the car to document grossly missaligned
body sections, missing parts   and basically just shi##y low grade
workmanship.  I will be going to the one hour photo, and to the (attorneys
office).  I also plan to make an appearance to the Home Office of Liberty
Mutual so that I can put faces on these no-brainer phone answering desk
workers who  dont know the difference between a Taurus and an Accord and act
as if they have personally been to appraise my car.  I figure with my
attitude problem and my persistent nature, I will probably end the day in
jail.  So be prepared for my one e-mail from jail.  
     I had always made it my life long dream to own this particular car, and
if you think Im going to let some "thing" who represents some "company" step
all over me, there better be enough oil in that engine of mine to plow that
200 right into that building.  I think I can justify my deductible with that!
     If anyone can recommend a private appraiser and/or a good attorney, it
would be greatly appreciated. TIA