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Re: how to catch BMW

> > "eingebaute Vorfahrt"
> I need to learn German; where should I start?

The Travlang page on the web (www.travlang.com I think)
where you can click on an english word and hear and read
its German equivalent.  Here you will learn the only
three words you will need in Germany:

"eine" (one)
"bier" (beer)
"bitte" (please)

Course, if you want more than one, you can show two finger s
and say "eine, eine" or learn the words for two and three:
"zvei, drei".  Don't ask what 4 is, there were only three of us.

Hmm, in retrospect the words for "exit", "north, south, east, west"
would have been helpful on the road as well, at least the
first day...

| Dan |