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86 5000 CS Quattro

In message <199704051437.JAA08792@pear.epix.net> Karl Devino writes:

> 86 5000 CS Quattro 77000 miles .I need help my car is getting gas in
> the oil and it is no longer holding pressure on the gas tank.Would
> anyone have any idea what the problem my be?This one has me stumped.The
> engine compression is great,and the turbo is working
> well.HELP!!                                                                  

My guess would be a set of very leaky injectors - system pressure should stay 
at around 3 bar when the engine is off, and if the injectors are shot there's 
more than enough pressure to push a few fluid ounces of petrol into the inlet 
manifold.  Depending on circumstances, it could migrate into any cylinders 
which have their inlet valves fully or partially open and trickle down past the 
rings into the oil.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club