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Re: A/C Programmer

Well, I got thru 2 months without spending money but all good things must 
Programmer was on its last legs last summer, now I get A/C only thru 
defrost vents.

Could not find a programmer that fits an 87 in the boneyard ( why do all 
these cars have the same parts missing?). Did find an older model. Took 
it for $10 and the solenoids. Also cut one solenoid open to try to grasp 
how these work.

Valve is nothing more than a metal disc with matching rubber nibs at the 
center (both sides) so its easy to understand the on/off mechanics. Why 
would this part malfunction? Gummed up with oil(?) because Audi didn't 
fit the filter in the first place?
Anyway, I had saved someone's post about using electrical contact 
cleaner. Tried it. Valve discs are free as they can be checked by 
rotating the unit 180 degrees as you apply an air source. Discs will move 
and shut off air supply. I assume this means that one or more solenoids 
can no longer create a magnetic field because the performance of the unit 
didn't change when reinstalled in the car.

Don't know if I want to desolder any solenoids as an unsuccessful venture 
will cost me the core charge on a rebuilt unit and at $145 that's enough.

Willing to listen to any ideas before ordering rebuilt this week.

Thanks for listening

87 CSTQ5 A great car, a great hobby!