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RE: Autobahn - isms


>Ordering beer is also not as easy as "Ein Bier, bitte."  What kind? Big or
>little? Light or dark?  The thumb means one, thumb and index are two, thumb
>index and middle are three.  If the waitress/bartender sees two fingers and
>can't quite hear "zwei" or "drei", you're probably gonna get three.  In England
>if the waitress/bartender sees two fingers, you're probably gonna get slapped.

>Joe Yakubik

A friend of mine recently completed a few months abroad and he had quite a
humorous tale regarding ordering beer. I can't recall if it was Ireland or
England right now, but definately one of the two. 

Apparently, you can order your beers over there in either a Pint or a half-pint
size. My friend walks into the bar with a bunch of people. The bartender asks
him what he would like, and my friend responds that he'd like a half-pint.

The patrons in this small pub suddenly stop talking and turn to look at my
friend. The bar is almost silent. The bartender scowls at my friend and says to
him, "We DON'T serve *YOUR KIND* in here."

[Imagine this.. the pub socializing literally grinds to a halt.]

My friend is flabbergasted, and the group of people they came in with look a
touch scared at this. Then, luckily, one of the people my friend was with leans
over and tells him what is going on. Apparently only Women and Homosexual Men
order Half-Pints. [Don't start with the flames.. I'm telling you like I heard

Meanwhile, the patrons and the bartender's attention are still focused solely on
my friend. He says to the bartender, rather meekly, "Actually, can I have a

The Bartender replies, "That's what I **THOUGHT** you meant."

Moral of the story: Know your ordering etiquette, or driving etiquette, or
whatever etiquette before you actually get to the foreign country. It might
save you some embarassment.

Sorry for the lack of Audi content. I had to share this most amusing story.
Take care and happy motoring.

                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (157K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY