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Daylight Saving Time

	From the Atlantic Monthly

	"...car accidents are, on average, 7 percent likelier on the 
Monday just after the start of Daylight Saving Time--when most people lose 
and hour of sleep as the result of turning clocks ahead--than on the 
preceding and subsequent Mondays.  (Accidental deaths of all sorts rise, 
typically by 6 percent for several days after the time change.)  This 
phenomenon, documented last year by a  researchaer at the University of 
British Columbia ...  Correspondingly, the number of car accidents falls 
by 7 percent on the Monday in October following the end of Daylight 
Saving Time, when the clocks are turned back."
	Take extra care the next couple of days and  don't forget to set 
your clock ahead tonight.
	1988 5000TQCS; 126 k