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MB engine CIS system

In message <970406004822_739539555@emout02.mail.aol.com> Raudi83TQ@aol.com writes:

> Is "valve N" the fuel cut off for over boost/revs?

No, I think it just cuts the fuel pump.

> On the WX the membrane
> valve connects to the carbon canister for fuel vapor.

Nah, that's a wimpy little thing connected to the tank breathers.

(p/n 035 133 817, I assume.)

This is an industrial jobbie hooked into the fuel lines.  (034 133 534L).

The _parts_ microfiche calls it a "Pressure Regulator" - I think I'm
getting warm.  It has a vacuum connection on one end, and hosts the
engine bay end of the fuel return line at the other.  There are three
more high-pressure fuel connections; all to the group of three ports on
the metering head:

a) Left port (looking down) via frequency valve to membrane valve
   adjacent to return outlet.  It looks like this might be a second
   valve merely sharing the actuator rod driven by the membrane.
   The pipe connecting the metering head and the feequency valve is
   marked "Return" on the microfiche, as is the pipe leaving the
   membrane valve and heading off tankwards.

b) Main body, end away from vacuum link and near above part of valve,
   to the right-hand port on the metering head.

c) Main body, centre, to the middle port on the metering head.

Does anyone know the functions of the three metering head ports?  I
went and bought a hand-operated vacuum pump yesterday, so I'm going
to put the fuel pressure gauge on the engine and try manipulating the
membrane valve - I already know it holds vacuum well.

Is 034 133 534L used on any other cars?

 Phil Payne

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