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TECH: Quantum Syncro/Audi 4000CSQ Engine questions

Hello all, 

        I am currently looking at a 1987 Quantum Syncro wagon in order to
satisfy my desire for a AWD sedan/wagon.    I am also looking at a couple
other 4000CS Quattros, but are out of town from where I live so I havent
driven them yet.

Question is this, on the Quantum, the car was nice, drove well, clutch was
fantastic, and is in my price range.    There was some clicking coming from
the engine compartment of the car that I wonder about.   Since I am new to
this Audi thing, I am unsure what is 'normal' and what is not.

I hear that this clicking is common in 10v 5cylinder engines.  I have heard
it could be a vacuum leak, cracked or loose exhaust manifold, or 'tappet noise'.
The clicking goes up and down with RPM...and does not seem to affect power.
The car was pretty peppy.

Please reply directly as I might miss the answers if they go to the list.