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Re: Borbets and Bentleys: My impressions

> The Bentleys: This is the first set I've ever seen, and I must say, they are
> loaded with lots of technical info. However, it seems as if they are written
> as Shop Manuals, for the "pros", not for the DIY or Backyard Mechanic. Does
> anyone else feel this way??

It's a feature.  The Bentley is the "professional strength" manual
Audi gives their own techs.

> Is it common (at least maybe for Audi) to require so many "special" tools??

Yeah, but you don't always need them.

> Also, is it me, or are they "short" on offering detailed diagnostic
> procedures? They really don't give you suggestions based on the "symptoms"
> of something (i.e. see my recent post about "The Shakes"). I went in there
> looking for an anwer, and found nothing. Was I not looking in the right place??

Mostly the Bentley is short on theory.  If you understand this
weakness, and supplement it with other resources (the Bosch handbooks,
Probst, asking the list, &c.) in order to understand how the car is
supposed to work, it will serve you pretty well.

> So, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to put them to use... only time will
> tell. It is still nice to have the set, though, just in case.

['86 Coupe GT]