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Re: Heater Fan Leans Out Mixture???

Bryan Gunn wrote:
> > The gauge is by K&N, and is a series of fast blinking
> Cool. Where did you get it and how much was it, etc?

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, New Berlin WI (800)688-6946
Partno 3886 (Round Gauge only) $139.99
Also avail Retangular surface mount, and either shape
with/without OXS (for cars without one) and fittings in a kit.

It really works, since for a couple of months before the
recent K24/chip upgrade I was running 11 psi and the gauge
said perdominately lean all the time. When we took off the
head 2 wks ago, we saw that it was right, it had been lean.

> > ANYWAY, if I turn on the heater fan to warm up the
> > cabin, the reading tends to LEAN, higher fan speeds
> > yeild more and more LEAN. Why????????????
> ...switching on electrical consumers tends to slow down 
> the engine speed (I'm assuming the car is at idle)
> ...the slower the engine turns, the lower the air 
> flow meter gets and the less fuel the engine gets.

No, I don't think that is it.

With the heater fan on, and running the engine at all 
different revs, the meter shows a "leaner than it was 
before" number.

In fact, on the WOT with heater fan off I get 9/10 lights
yup, open loop enriched. But with the heater fan on, and 
I hit the WOT, only 4-5/10 lights (barely stoich).