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89 100q--wheels


My '89 100q has the BBS-type wheels.  I am not especially fond of them.  
Been thinking about trying to find a set of the wheels that came with the 
non-q 100 of that year.  An alloy that has 6 "spokes" to it--looks to me 
to look a bit like a Mercedes wheel.

Anyone have a suggestion as to where I might find a set?  Ckecked out 
Kurt Anderson "karquattro"--lots of wheels but not those.

Also--any idea what a decent used set might cost?  Dealer tells me that 
full retail is about $360 per wheel.

Finally, anyone care to commentsd about the relative desirability of 
OEM wheels vs. something like an MSW type 55?


Bill Murin 
89 100q