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Audi 100 Coupe in C&S

Hi all,

This month's Classic & Sportscar magazine features a buying guide for the
exceedingly beautiful '70s Audi 100 Coupe- still one of the best-looking
Audis ever made. I know there are no owners of these cars on the 'list (are
there?), but for anyone interested in Audi history- check it out.

In the announcement of next month's stories: a feature about rally cars,
illustrated by an UrQ in action.

>From an ad elsewhere in this magazine: new book, due this month-
'Audi, comprehensive guide to all cars 1910-1995, E. Dymock'- UKP 19.99
Sounds like the book I've been looking for for a long time was just being


1988 80 1.8S (not dead, just resting)

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