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Re: Brian v. Liberty Mutual & Audi

......today I went to see the car.  I decided to make a video of it instead
of just still shots, so I now have twenty minutes of footage.  Unfortionately
while I was filming, I noticed so much more really poorly done work.  My car
is a warped piece of metal!
     I also came home to a message from Liberty Mutuals Senior Appraiser
asking to discuss the workmansip issues. All this after last friday's call
from them stating that they would no longer be taking responsibility for any
more work.  I really feel confident with the film that I have and the
comments made by the dealer that I more than have a case.  
     I also must mention that our other car was in a hit and run accident the
same month as my Audi's accident (we later came across the hit and run
culprit drunk asleep behind the wheel of his badly wrecked Celebrity on the
main artery in Boston). The same body shop had both of our cars at the same
time.  Safety Insurance which was the other drivers company sent our car
their and covered all of but a few hundred dollars of our expenses.  We were
so glad to have "A" car back, that the extra bucks didnt matter.  Now the Geo
has many body defects and is rusting all over the place.  The hood is so
badly repaired that is flops up and down and smacks paint to paint.  Nothing
on the front of this car lines up.  I adressed this issue with Safety
Insurance and they have apologized and told me to take it to a repair shop of
MY choice.  They will be paying for all of the repairs and any rental we may
need.  No headaches No arguments No added frustration.  GET THE HINT LIBERTY