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Re: A4 1.8T lease price?

> Date:          Sun, 06 Apr 97 22:59:59 EDT
> From:          Daniel Hussey <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU>
> Subject:       A4 1.8T lease price?
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net

>      Hey to all you A4 owners!
>      I currently own a 5KTQ, but am wondering if an A4 1.8TQ is within my budge
> t range at the moment.  Probably not, but I have been spending an awful lot on
> my car recently and it continues to have problems.  So, my question is, how muc
> h would I expect to pay a month for an A4 1.8T?  Any down payment?  And, I don'
> t need many options; just quattro and a sunroof.  Any info appreciated.
>                                                                 Later,
>                                                                 Dan

I called a local (Tampa) dealership who claimed they were offering 
the 1.8tq for $369 a month, $3000 down (licensing fees, sec deposit, 
dealers's prep etc) for a 39 (?) month lease.

87 Coupe GT