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RE: Syncro/4KCSQ Engine ??'s (HUMOR)

I just thought I'd add a little "Audi Humor":

My '85 Coupe GT used to suffer from the eternal vacuum booster tapping. 
No matter what engine speed, the pushrod would tap at its own speed,
sometimes very lightly (barely audible), sometimes like I had a rod
loose (TAP-TAP-TAPTAPTAP------TAP).  Sometimes it would go away,
sometimes it wouldn't stop, most times it would fade in and out.

There were occasions when I got a kick out of it, though.  Like, when
you're stopped at a light, and the guy next you thinks it's his car, but
every time he looks at your car, it goes away.  If it would do it just
right, I would stare at the guys engine compartment like it was driving
me crazy!!

The Audi gods like to toy with believers and non-believers alike!!

Now if I can only get the other guys power windows to slow down to a
stop!! ;-)

Just kidding!  My windows work fine.  (knock on wood)



p.s.  4 Sale:  Coupe GT driver door, new clutch slave cylinder...
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