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RE: Coupe quattro Specs

I've got the test results for the 1990-1991 Coupe quattro out of the
then-current car rags, but don't have anything for the 1983-1987 (?)
ur-quattro, to which you *might* be referring. If you are truly
interested in the specs for the '90-'91 Coupe quattro, lemmeno.
-Ian Duff.
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>From:	Michael Williams [SMTP:daserde@ucla.edu]
>Sent:	Monday, April 07, 1997 2:55 AM
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>Subject:	Coupe quattro Specs
>ok all, i really need your help on this one. The answer to this question 
>jsut might get my friend into a Coupe Quattro.  Ok all, i need the 
>performance statistics on the cars.  The acceleration, handling (slalom, 
>cornering) and anything else that you guys can find.  I know that these 
>cars are completely awesome, and any person in their right mind would get 
>one if they could, but he is kinda stubborn and is choosing between the 
>iX and the Quattro coupe.  So if any of you out there can ghelp with this 
>i will be eternally grateful.  Thanks alot in advance.  Also can anyone 
>help me with a price list of the modifications available to an owner of 
>one of these cars? if that can be sent too, then i think that i can get 
>him into one, which would be very awesome.  Thanks all...
>Mike Williams
>85 Coupe GT