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Cheaper Pentosin source & Hydraulic Hose replacement

To keep my system full when my hydraulic hose developed a leak I had to add 
some "Irving 32" hydraulic oil $14 Cdn for 5 litres. While it has all sorts of 
specs including some german ones I think I should flush it out and refill with 
Pentosin.  I used this hydraulic oil before when my first 2 steering racks 
developed their leaks (after not before and flushed after) Pentosin costs $40 
Cdn/litre from the dealer so I'm looking for a mail order source.  

Also What is the best way to flush the oil.

The hose from the hydraulic pump to the pressure accumulator just developed a 
big leak in the rubber section.  I thought I'd take it off and get one of the 
hydraulic service places to replace it. Unfortunately none of the shops had 
the correct hose. they could order it - in 100 ft lengths.  Oh well, to the 
dealer $126 Cdn and 5 days to wait.  ( I decided to replace my timing belt, 
thanks to the recent thread for reminding me,- while I wait since I know it 
hasn't been changed for > 175,000 km) Has anyone found another source for 
hydraulic hose - of the correct type?... for next time.  The hose is thin wall 
with 3 layers.

Thanks for your replys,
86 5000 CD Quattro
301,000 km

looking forward to Mt. Washington