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Re: Audi 100 Coupe in C&S

>Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 11:28:44 +0100
>To:Robert W Obrien <rwo@U.Arizona.EDU>
>From:tnas@euronet.nl (Tom Nas)
>Subject:Re: Audi 100 Coupe in C&S
>>Ah, the '70s 100 coupe! I have seen that in an auto encyclopedia, The
>>World of Automobiles, from the UK 1974. My question:
>>Is there even a single example on US soil?
>>Here in Arizona nothing rusts, ever. I hve seen multiple Citroen DS and VW
>>Type 3 Karmann-Ghias on one day(yes!) but never, ever a 100c.
>>Any sightings?
>Hi Rob,
>According to the article, 'The 100 Coupe S was never available with extras
>like leather seats or electric windows- they were reserved for the
>American market'. However, I have the complete collection of Audi articles
>from Road & Track, which don't mention the Coupe- just the 100LS and the
>Fox. So, although the Coupe did gain the 5mph impact bumpers, I guess no
>cars were ever officially exported Stateside. From what I've read however,
>it was by then a lot easier to import a car yourself, so one or two might
>have made it into the US that way.
>They're very rare here in Holland, too- I've seen no more than ten over
>the years, not counting the three present at the Audi Club gathering in
>Amsterdam last year.
>It's a beautiful car IMO- likened to the Aston Martin DBS more than once.
>I'd love to have one, even though spares are hard to get.

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