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Re: Audi 100 Coupe in C&S

Perci Hala <sk0ph@cadvision.com> wrote:

>If we are talking about the same car as the 100Coupe in the 1997 Audi
>Calendar >(December),
>there is one in Calgary, but they were never officially imported to
>Canada. >Pity. Anybody ever
>seen a 100 Avant (Fastback 5000, not wagon, like the picture in the Haynes
>>manual Pg5) ??

They were popular cars here in the late 70s/early 80s. Audi used too much
recycled steel in the 77-82 100s though so they rusted like mad, and bought
up and shredded most of the early cars to avoid getting a bad rep here.
Owners were offered a more than fair deal if they traded in their cars on
the new model. I always thought this was the reason Audi started
galvanising their cars. I don't think I've seen an early Avant here in the
last five years. The contemporary 80 wasn't as rust-prone- plenty of those
still around (at least early 80s examples- they weren't too popular here in
the 70s).

>BTW, weren't the 100Coupes called Avant?

Nope, that came in '77, with the car you mentioned above.


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